Grant Application Process


Step 1. Download the Grant Proposal Form (Word document) and the Rubric used to score each proposal.

Step 2. Complete the Grant Proposal Form and save it for your reference

Step 3. Scan any supporting documents (price sheets, catalog pages, etc)  into either PDF or JPG files.

Step 4. E-mail your Grant Proposal Form and any documents from step 3 to the Principal of the school that will benefit from the grant. If your Grant Proposal is a technology-related request, please also copy Trevor Hope on the email.


Step 5. Principals, please review each Grant Proposal and make appropriate comments.  If additional information from the applicant is necessary, please request an updated Grant Proposal Form or additional supporting documentation from the applicant.

Step 6.Principals, please e-mail the completed Grant Proposal Form and any supporting documentation to Robyn McCluskey at Please CC the Applicant on this e-mail.

Grant Coordinator

Step 7.The Grant Coordinators will consolidate all the Grant Applications. After the application deadline, the Grant Coordinators will e-mail each applicant that their grant proposal was received.

Step 8.After the District 57 Education Foundation Board has reviewed the grant applications, the Grant Coordinator will communicate the results back to the Applicants and the District.

If you have any questions, please e-mail our Grant Coordinator, Robyn McCluskey, at

Thank you!